Make Your Dreams Come True:20 High Paying Typing Jobs

In this guide, I will explain everything about typing jobs from home. In addition, this article will be explaining everything about legitimate typing jobs from home.

I will share my working experience on online typing jobs from home for the last five years. This article helps you to find

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  • writing work at home with no experience
  • writing work at home with no experience
  • when you learn to type fast to increase your income
  • kind of writing work you can do at home
  • a platform where you can find writing jobs at home

What are the typing jobs?

Writing is a job where you can earn money by writing. The first skill you need to do this job is writing. I will talk about all the remote writing work in this post.

  • Data entry work
  • blogging work
  • Writing work
  • VA job (virtual assistant)
  • Translation work
  • Corrective work
  • Online Chat Board Jobs
  • Writing work
  • Ghostwriting Jobs
  • writing job description
  • Community coordinator work
  • Social media writing jobs
  • script writing work
  • Translation work
  • Job Scopists
  • Independent writing work
  • Writing writing jobs
  • Brand name work

All of these online writing jobs can be done quickly working at home. It is your job to do these part-time or full-time writing assignments. All you need is a pc or laptop and a fast internet connexion.

How much can you earn from typist jobs online?

It is up to you how much you want to earn from online sky typing jobs is the $ 1 per hour limit to $ 80 per hour. Some jobs may give you more than that depending on

  • Type of work
  • on which platform you are doing that work
  • For whom you are working
  • if that work requires a particular degree or qualification may pay you more and if it is a simple job that requires no special qualifications they may pay you less.

Online typing jobs that you can do from ease of your home

Data entry | typing jobs

Data entry is one of the easiest jobs in this field that you can do from your comfort of home. Most data entry jobs include clerical tasks to perform like

  • Verify and edit the data
  • Add data to a spreadsheet
  • Find data and research work
  • transcribe meeting notes

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant (VA) has following tasks to do:

  • Data entry
  • Writing blog posts
  • Administrative work
  • Social media management

As a VA, it’s your job to help your clients with the work they don’t want them to do. A variety of jobs are often the most inviting of this type of homework.
If you can offer a variety of other services, such as combining social media management with good customer service or understanding how to improve your magazine, you can expect to get more.
The average virtual assistant earns $ 19 per hour, according to ZipRecruiter.
Virtual assistants, however, can earn more money if they have a private company and don’t go to third -party companies for gigs.

Online Chat Job

This can be the perfect writing job for a client-focused person looking to work from home.
Live chat staff help in answering customer questions through online chat. This type of work can be full-time or part-time, and chat staff earn about $ 15 per hour (resource).

This online job requires knowledge of the company you work for because you are responsible for answering questions about them. While some companies want you to have the technical skills to do this type of work, many want only general employees with fast and accurate writing skills. So this may be the most suitable entry job for you.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writers create content for all types of businesses.
It is one of the highest paid writing jobs.

The types of projects you can do as a freelance writer include:

  • Video Scripts
  • Sales pages
  • Research documents
  • Emails and newsletters

Despite being offline, traditional newspapers can also hire freelance writers for their online editions of the paper.

Freelance writers can make anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars a month depending on their clients and experience. On average, freelance writers make about $ 30 an hour (source).

Due to the freelance nature of this type of work and the ability to take on many projects while working from home, it is considered a solid way to earn extra income.

Carrie here has done very well as a freelance writer …

Blog Writer

As a blogger, you research, write and edit blog posts for a company’s online website or for a specific client such as a writer or trainer. You can do all this work at home, and many bloggers have stayed at home throughout their work.
The number of bloggers depends on many factors, such as:

  • The companies for whom they are working for
  • The quality of the work produced
  • The speed at which understanding of turnaround freelance jobs is developed

Bloggers usually earn an average of $40 per houraccording to ZipRecruiter.

If you have other skills such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and / or social media skills, you may earn more money from this type of writing job.
It is recommended that you have your own blog to showcase your work and writing skills to future clients.


The translators listen to recordings and write down what they hear. Podcast translation is a prime example of the type of work a translator produces.
For this to work, you need strong Internet access and good listening. Good typography, fast typing speed and low error rates will be featured.

For this to work, you need strong Internet access and good listening. Good typography, fast typing speed and low error rates will be featured.

However, most translation work pays per hour for the sound done. This means you get paid per hour you write and not per hour you work. The industry standard is to take four hours of recording time to one hour of clear sound (source).
You can increase your salary as a fast and efficient translator. The foot pedal is recommended to speed up the process (talk more about that here).


Captioners listen to audio files and write text that will be used to create captions for people who do not listen or who prefer to watch video with the sound off. This includes background noise notation e.g. “[Laughs]”, “[the car pops up]”.

Because it is a more specialized form of transcription, you can make more money by being a captioner. The average hourly wage for real-time captioning is $ 20 but typically falls between $ 16 and $ 24.

2 Types of Professional Captioner

  • Offline / Closed Captioning
    This includes listening to pre -recorded video files. It can be anything from a recorded speech to a movie or TV show. Experience in writing in these types of writing jobs is required.
  • Real-Time Captions
    This type of captioner does caption translation for the deaf community. So you will write in real time during the live event. The work requires a clear and very fast writing speed, as well as special abbreviation tools.


If you want to be a translator, you need to speak two or more languages, because your job is to translate the content between them.
Verification is also required if a job is in the field of science or law.
The content you are translating may include:

  • Blog posts
  • School records
  • Financial reports
  • Legal documents
  • Marriage certificates

Translation work can earn about $ 24 per hour (source). However, it may depend on the size of the project and your skills in the industry.

As a translator, you must have the ability to take an idea or nuance from a language and translate it into a new language. Accurate comprehension and writing skills are required.


As an editor, it will be your job to protect your clients ’content and improve its flow and readability. Work with content such as:

  • News articles
  • Blog posts
  • Even a whole book
  • Recipes 

Publishers make it easy to read content. If the masterpiece is not cohesive, they may have to write an entire section to improve the structure of the narrative. Many publishers enjoy working from home without interruption.
Because this job requires excellent writing skills and grammar, the average wage for an editor is $ 25 per hour, up to $ 95,000 per year (source).
Editors often have tight deadlines, so they need to have the ability to write quickly and accurately.


Copywriter creates content that forces the reader to take action. This action could be a product purchase, or account registration.
Copiers are often hired to create or improve:

  • Landing pages
  • Ad copy
  • Email sequences
  • Sales pages

Copywriters earn an average of $ 28 an hour, according to ZipRecruiter. If you have SEO skills or advertising experience you are more likely to earn more from this type of work.


What is the difference between a proofreader and an editor?

  • The proofreader looks for facial flaws such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Editors seek to improve overall quality by improving flow and readability.

Readers may have to review dissertations, reports and academic papers or receive documents from those who need help to resume.

Online test readers (source) earn about $ 26 per hour, although you can earn about the amount you earn.
If you are looking for an online editing job, you may need a degree in a related field.


As a ghost writer, you are not accepted for your writing. You create content that is published in someone else’s name (usually your customers).
Write something like:

  • Articles for companies
  • Books (or eBooks)
  • Blog posts
  • Speeches

It can be a far -reaching job to compensate for public disapproval of your work.
Ghostwriters are about $ 31 per hour, according to ZipRecruiter. However, if you have valuable experience and are known by your customers, you can expect to make more money.

Conor Walsh said he had “zero experience” when he started writing ghostwriance, but soon he was able to make a good income from it …


Scopista wrote the final version of the trial, installation and other procedures that were transcribed on a typewriter by a journalist.
Your job as a scopist is to fill in the missing words, correct any misspellings, and put punctuation in accordance with the document. Therefore, it is necessary to master the language you write.

The average writer can earn $ 28 per hour while writing (source).

For this type of remote work, you need experience as a court reporter. Although no degree is required for this position, having some type of training will help with job security.
Because you may have to deal with difficult and stressful situations, it may not be a job for you if you are the most emotional or sensitive. You can work from home but need a strong Internet access and specialized software like CATalyst.

Brand Name Suggestions

Here you make a brand name and hope that the new company will choose them. If one of your names is chosen, you get paid.
Winners of these types of competitions can earn hundreds of dollars depending on the company.
Squadhelp, for example, organizes name contests. The cash prizes for these could be huge …

How can I learn to type faster?

Some tasks, such as translating or importing data, may require you to have a fast writing speed before you can be hired. It will help you highlight a good writing speed of 50 to 80 words per minute (WPM).

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