How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog And Website

In this guide you will find out about free traffic to your blog and website. When you start a blog or business website, what you really need is an audience. Whether it’s a blog or an e-commerce site, they both need traffic to work well. A company’s website needs an audience to drive traffic and increase sales, and a blog needs its readers to drive compound traffic. Other techniques can help you drive traffic to your website, such as keyword usage, new sales, guest referrals, google ads. But with all these features, there is a website that can be successful in driving free traffic to your blog and website.

Keyword Optimization

There are many paid and free ways that you can optimize your website and help drive free traffic to your blog and website and increase your monthly income. When you buy a website for a purpose, make sure that the interface is complex and attractive. Most of the traffic to a company’s website is either due to keyword optimization or a good interface. As for a company’s website, the interface serves as the banner of the store, and people are always drawn to the store’s display.

In the case of a blog site, keyword optimization plays the role of a game changer in generating traffic. The highlights of the articles draw the reader’s attention. One can increase blog traffic by creating a good user interface and improved keywords that help people find information of interest to them more accurately.

4 Ways of Generating Organic Traffic on Website

Here are some of the best practices by which you can generate traffic towards your website in a very short time.

Resolving Queries on Quora

Quora is used around the world to solve questions through questions and discussions. You can ask questions at any time, and experts and wise people will answer you to the best of their ability with their long experience and free skills. The experienced people at Quora can give you the best advice on making a website, and they teach you about their mistakes so you don’t repeat them.
In addition, suppose you know a field, and you also run a website in a niche. In that case, you can also generate traffic by answering people’s questions and providing links to your website pages so they can read your blog.

Fluther is another good site for Quora. is as free to use as Quora and progresses a little more in quality than Quora. This site has two major and social features. Generally, people interested in gaining knowledge put their questions there. The “Social” feature is designed for more open-ended questions, designed to post opinions or vote. People can ask questions in their minds. You can answer the question, and if you wrote about it, you can put a link to your post there so that people can click on that link and go down to your website and read the article. which I wrote about that question.


Another good site for quora is Originally, this site was created as a web forum where people could ask questions and provide answers about computer programming only. But after that the web forum came up and became a general discussion platform like Quora and We can call this forum a network because it receives questions from more than 150 websites and organizes questions related to its topic. It is also similar to Quora work because this site also has another answer to the same question, and the user can choose which is the best. You can answer questions people ask. If you write something about these questions, you can answer the questions and stop linking your posts like Quora so that people click on the link to your website to get the answer to their question and want to read your place to get the answer. their question.


Hubski is the best other site on quora and Reddit. This is a discussion site designed as a forum where you can share your thoughts, stories and events that you want the world to know about that information. This site is easy to use, and you can use it without any problems. If you think your web forum is good and can provide good news to the public, you can write about it and put the link to your website there. If your content is strong, people enter your site by getting or reading the information they are interested in. This site can be very useful to access your website if you can use this site wisely.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is very useful for generating traffic by improving the search engine optimization of your blog or product. When a blog has improved its keywords, it will reach the top of the search engines, and readers will have to choose it.
In addition to keyword optimization, website SEO, including on-site and off-site SEO, helps to increase website rankings.
In addition, sending emails to visitors may encourage them to search for new content on the site. Emails on the sale or launch of new products attract users to visit the site. Due to the title of the sale, they are more likely to buy products from online stores.

  Guest Posting

Guest posting is also another paid method in which you add one of your blog posts to a successful blog with a link to your landing page. This will drive traffic from the guest blog to your website. That method is guaranteed to generate traffic. You pay $ 100 to a famous blog owner, and in return, your website earns thousands of dollars.

 Google Ads

Google ads are a paid but certified method of generating traffic. This is the most reliable method since Google itself puts ads on display to reach an audience globally. Google Ads targets the particular audience that needs to see your blog posts and links them to your landing page.

How much we can earn from a blog?

According to Google statistics, a person can earn a maximum of $ 32,000 per year on blog posts which is a lot of money. An effective blog may be enough to get you started. The more you strengthen your blog the more you will benefit.


Some methods help to get free traffic to your website and blog, and almost everyone knows it, but after reading this article I am sure I have new ideas on how to get free traffic. you are useless There is nothing on your website and blog. If you can use these sites effectively, these sites are very useful and help in driving free traffic to your website.

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