how to make money online for beginners

How to make money by online for absolute beginners. This article will show you how to make money online for beginners. This is a question that pops into the minds of any beginner who wants to make money online. Unfortunately, most people think it’s a scam and it’s impossible to make money online. Yes, you should be aware of such people, scam websites. But in this post, I will tell you all about how to make money online without paying anything, with my own five years of online money making experience in this industry.
These are the following steps to make money online that are legal.

·        Blogging

·        Digital marketing

·        Search Engine Optimization

·        Youtube creator

·        Social media marketing

·        Writing

·        Translation

·        Graphics Designing

·        Video Editing

1. Blogging

Blogging is a great way for beginners to earn money online. Blogging is a type of website that contains content and is updated regularly. The difference between website and blog is that the website remains static and is updated whenever the company makes any new updates or services. On the other hand, blogs are often updated several times a week. Therefore, most of the blogs are updated regularly and this is a good ranking factor for the search engines. Search engines work on an algorithm and regularly updated websites will rank higher rather than sites that remain static. Hosting is a home and domain name is your home address. And to make it simple, hosting is a place where all the file content images of your website are saved like your computer hard drive and domain name is your website address and URL. Before starting a blog, you need to decide on the area where you want to create that blog, such as gardening, technology, product reviews, travel, food, and the list goes on. Once you have a host and domain, if you are an excellent writer, start writing posts and publish it on your blog, or you can hire a writer who will create content for your blog at a low cost. Can write and publish. After some time when some traffic comes to your website then you can monetize to earn money from your blog. Many monetization platforms pay you well depending on your traffic, but the most famous one is Google Adsense. So by doing this you can create a blog and earn money very quickly sitting at home.

Youtube creator

If you want to make money online, a free YouTube creator is the best option for you. So become a YouTube creator and start making money sitting at home. All you have to do is create a YouTube channel based on your niche and interests. There are thousands of niches, but you need to choose a suitable place for yourself and you feel that no one can do it better than you. All you need is a great mobile camera and microphone. Save videos of your upload niche on your channel and as soon as you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 views, it’s ready to monetize and you can start making money online directly as soon as it’s monetized.

WordPress Developer

Another skill that can provide you with a source of income is WordPress. WordPress is a cms used to create a website. So if you want to create a website, you don’t have to learn coding or development. Learn words for free on YouTube and you can create a website for yourself and monetize it or make a website for your customers. It is very easy to use and even a small child can create a website on this platform. You can sell WordPress developer services online that can save you a fair amount of money.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is also called SEO. This is a common skill that is in high demand in the online marketplace. Once you learn this skill, you can rank any website in any search engine such as google, bing and others in any country you want. You can rank your website or you can also rank on your client’s website. Everything requires SEO, such as YouTube video SEO, SEO website. SEO on social networks can even sell this service to optimize the profiles of your clients who want to sell their skills in online markets. If you are going to make money online fast, I recommend that you learn this skill.

Graphics designing                                                     

Graphic designing is another trend and is highly sought after for expertise in the online revenue market. If you are a modern person and are interested in designing different products and colors, then you should acquire this skill. As a graphic designer you can do a lot of things like logos, animations, brochures, visiting cards, product design, digital design, letters, and lists. This is another great skill that gives you a real chance to make money from home for free.


If you are a guy who likes to write good stuff, you can now earn money online. There are many types of writing you can do such as writing content, writing technical, writing scripts, writing blogs etc. This is another great skill that gives you the opportunity to earn money fast and for free online.

Content writing

You can become a content writer to earn money from home. You can write content for the websites or products of different companies. Many companies hire content reports by the hour, which is a good source of online income for a good start.

So after reading all this, a question arises: after learning these skills and how we as beginners can make a living online, where are the markets where we have to use these services to build our services? So, in this article I am referring to some of the most popular markets where we can sell our services and capabilities.

1.     Fiverr

2.     Upwork



5.     People per


This article will help you understand how to make money online for beginners and how a beginner can make money online, without using any investment. Also, this article will help you learn popular skills that are in high demand and give you an idea that after learning those skills, you can sell your services as a home-based beginner to earn money.

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